Next-generation?JacintoTM?7 automotive processors

Introducing the all-new TDA4VM?and DRA829V?SoCs for advanced ADAS and gateway systems, the first two SoCs in our new Jacinto? 7 automotive processor platform. Additional SoCs will be introduced throughout the next few years.

Build something your customers will love

Develop advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) and gateway solutions for next-generation vehicles with our new Jacinto 7 processors. Higher levels of integration let you simplify your designs. Scalable SoCs and a common software development kit (SDK) widen your reach. With our new processors, you can deliver next-generation autonomous functions to the entire fleet, from entry-level to luxury vehicles, in a cost-optimized way that your customers will love.

Our new Jacinto 7 processors offer server-class performance in an embedded, low-power design:

  • Deliver more efficient performance in deep learning
  • Execute high-performance ADAS operations using just 5 to 20 watts of power
  • Create advanced gateway systems with high-end CPUs and high-speed I/O
  • Separate mission critical and convenience features to offer mixed-criticality functional safety on a single SoC

Learn about key automotive trends that influenced our design

A 360-degree view of surround-view and automated parking systems

Learn more about how to design parking solutions for cars on the road today and tomorrow.

Leverage Jacinto 7 Processors Functional Safety Features for Automotive Designs

Functional safety is no longer limited to traditional MCUs but needs to be supported in application processors as well.

Evolving automotive gateways for next-generation vehicles (Rev. A)

Trends in automated driving, electrification and connectivity are changing how engineers design automotive gateways.

Improve awareness of the car's surroundings

Our new Jacinto 7 TDA4VM processor lets you build better camera and sensor fusion systems. Embedded deep learning accelerators and internal memory let you capture higher levels of perception more efficiently and at a lower system cost.

  • More efficient performance in deep learning
  • 8MP, front camera support
  • Simultaneous operation of up to six 3MP surround view cameras on?a single SoC

Make self-parking a reality with 360° awareness

Surround view monitoring systems provide drivers with visual information to help them more safely maneuver the car in and out of tight spots. With the help of analytics and artificial intelligence applied to visual images, next generation systems will not just be helping drivers park, but will be taking over low-speed parking tasks entirely. Our new Jacinto 7 TDA4VM processor enhances vehicle perception and parking spot detection so you can build great assisted parking and automated parking solutions.

  • 8 TOPs deep learning performance enables more accurate analytics
  • Multi-screen display with 3D Graphics acceleration for car models and overlays
  • Up to six, 3MP cameras enable surround view and much more in a single SoC

A 360-degree view of surround-view and automated parking systems

Learn more about how to design parking solutions for cars on the road today and tomorrow.

Advance your automotive gateway

Our new Jacinto 7?DRA829V processor lets you create gateway and vehicle compute systems for the future. Application processors replace microcontrollers so you can process ever-increasing amounts of data distributed throughout the vehicle and into the cloud. High-speed I/O lets you quickly move data—safely, securely and without CPU intervention—reducing latency and improving performance. Additionally, the integrated safety MCU lets you separate mission critical and convenience features to enhance functional safety throughout the system.

  • Arm? Cortex?-A72 and -R5F cores
  • Embedded PCIe switch and Gb Ethernet switch with Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN)
  • SoC ASIL-B capable
  • Safety MCU ASIL-D capable

Accelerate the data highway in the software-defined car

As cars are increasingly defined by software running on numerous ECUs throughout the vehicle, new architectures called vehicle compute platforms are needed to centrilize control, optimize system design, and reduce system-level costs. Our new Jacinto 7 DRA829V processor includes the processing and communication requirements of these advanced gateway platforms.

Vehicle Compute Platform Architecture

The software defined car is enabled by a Service Oriented Architecture. Vehicle functions are defined in several vehicle compute platforms and services are implemented by domain or zonal processors with sense/actuate I/O.

Our Jacinto 7 DRA829V processor was purpose-built for these requirements.

You can learn more about why gateway architectures are changing and how our Jacinto 7 DRA829VM processor was designed for these architectures by reading our technical article?Enabling the software-defined car with a vehicle compute gateway platform.

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