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Isolated gate drivers

Highly robust, flexible, and universally compatible devices for many applications

Build smaller, more robust designs for many applications using our flexible and universally compatible isolated gate drivers. From basic, functional, to reinforced isolation, our isolated gate drivers allow you to create designs that protect from electrical shock while providing more protection for high voltage levels. Start designing now.?

Functional & basic isolation

Functional or basic isolation provides a single level of electrical isolation up to 3kVrms and sufficient protection against electrical shock. These solutions provide robust ground bounce protection while meeting high voltage guidelines.

Reinforced isolation

Reinforced isolation enables up to a 5.7kVrms isolation rating to safely protect humans and equipment from electric shock. Reinforced solutions offer higher working voltages, wider creepage and clearance for improved system robustness.

Featured isolated gate drivers


Opto compatible, single-channel, isolated IGBT, SiC, and MOSFET gate driver with 3-A peak output current and 5KVrms reinforced isolation rating.


AEC-Q100 qualified single-channel, SiC and IGBT gate driver with advanced protection features and best-in-class dynamic performance designed for up to 1700V DC working voltage.


Dual-channel reinforced isolated gate driver with high noise immunity and fast switching characteristics optimized for digital controllers and MOSFET applications.

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