Motor drivers

Optical Disk Drivers

Integrated solutions for driving all motors and actuators in an optical disk system

TI’s integrated driving solutions are ideal for driving all motors and actuators in an optical disk drive system. The drivers have digital control and built-in protection for harmful thermal, voltage, and current conditions, ultimately reducing system cost and board space in Blu-ray, DVD, and CD drive systems.


Single-chip solution

Integrated motor drivers and digital control reduces solution size over discrete and analog solutions


Smooth motion

Advanced motor driving for smooth and efficient spindle motor driving

protection symbol

System protection

Full suite of protection including under-voltage, overvoltage, over-current, and thermal protection

Optical Disk Drivers

  • Digital control over SPI to reduce solution size and simplify control
  • Integrated supplies for laser diode driving
  • Fully protected with internal shutdown functions for a more robust system design
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Featured products


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