Motor drivers

Drive performance with brushed DC (BDC) motor drivers

Create more compact designs with better protection

With a wide voltage range and variety of architectures including single and multi-H bridge drivers, our comprehensive portfolio of brushed DC (BDC) motor drivers are easy to use and make motors simple to spin. With innovative features such as smart gate drive and integrated current sense, our brushed DC motor drivers are suited for a range of industrial, personal electronics and automotive applications.

Low power consumption

Extend the lifetime and minimize downtime of battery-powered applications with features such as low RDSon MOSFETs and low power sleep mode.

Compact design

Reduce system size, BOM and system cost by leveraging features such as integrated current sense and smart gate drive.

Advanced diagnostics

Protect your motor driver system from damage and overheating with our advanced diagnostic features.

Build your expertise with TI Precision Labs - Brushed-DC motors?

Our curriculum for brushed-DC motors introduces what a brushed-DC motor is, how it works and how you would drive it. The brushed-DC motor is the simplest motor type, and knowledge about how to operate a brushed-DC motor is fundamental to learning about motor drivers in general.

Check out our how-to training videos on brushed-DC motors any time, on-demand.?