Accounting and audit hotline


At TI, we believe good corporate governance is important to our long-term success. It's a belief we have put into practice for decades.

The company has had written governance guidelines since 1973, refining them over the years to meet the needs of the company and our shareholders. We demonstrate responsible and ethical business practices by adhering to our own stated principles.

TI's board of directors is committed to responsible and effective corporate governance and oversees our global business strategy. The directors are experienced and diverse in their backgrounds and thinking. The board discusses its governance practices annually to ensure they truly make sense for TI in today's business climate.

TI's board has a majority of independent directors. Their combined strengths assist them as they oversee the company's current and future strategy, performance, and plans for the next generation of TI leaders, with the best interests of TI shareholders in mind.

In this section, you can learn more about TI's board committees, the corporate governance and ethics documents that guide our company, as well as our most recent stockholders' meeting.