Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS)

Accelerating ADAS development for a smarter and safer driving experience

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Automotive processors

We offer solutions for a wide range of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) applications using the scalability and performance of the TDAx automotive processors.

FPD-Link III solutions

Comprehensive FPD-Link portfolio with high resolution, high data rates, and less wires.

Wide VIN power solutions

Features include increased protection against input transients, high power density with large conversion ratios, and scalability to fit a wide variety of applications.

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Featured literature

Paving the way to self-driving cars with ADAS

Learn how a gradual introduction in vehicle sensing, intelligence and control is already improving road safety.

Step into next-gen architectures for multi-camera operations in automobiles

A highly integrated approach to achieve extended synchronization and advanced high-dynamic range image quality to enable automotive surround view and camera monitoring systems.

Are we there yet? Expectations vs. reality in auto

Autonomous vehicles are one of the most talked-about technologies in automotive. Discover what’s really happening in ADAS and the future of the self-driving car.